We can help you with our Peer Support Group

The Peer Support Group Was set up in February 2015 and is nationally the first group of its kind to support male survivors of domestic abuse. It provides an opportunity for members to share their experiences and to learn and support each other on an equal basis.

We enable members to take ownership of the group, discuss their issues and the good support that they have received from the service that all feeds back into individual key-work sessions.

Raising Awareness.

Our support network is reaching out to survivors helping them deal with their situations, helping men develop the confidence and skills to go out into the community and promote the Men Standing Up Service while raising awareness of the serious and challenging issues that male survivors face.

Moving Forward.

We were successful in application to the Safer Communities Fund and have been awarded a grant of £2546 towards developing the group over the coming year. We have secured a well equipped venue can now promote the group and provide trips out for the members.

For this we would like to thank the Police and Crime Commissioner of the Bradford District; Mark Burns Williamson for this gift of support for the service.


We can help you through our Crash Pads

This is emergency accommodation for up to 14 nights where you will be given a high level of support in order for you to leave your abusive relationship and ensure that you are safe. During your stay at the Crash Pads you will share a bedroom with 1 other man. Breakfast and evening meals are provided.

As this is very temporary accommodation you will be required to meet with your key-worker on a daily basis in order to access other longer term accommodation.

MSU Crash Pad & Accom Poster 2017

MSU can offer short term and longer term accommodation for male survivors of domestic abuse. please contact us on our confidential telephone helpline for further information.

Download Crash Pads & Accommodation Poster

We have 2 units of emergency accommodation for men in a crisis situation who need immediate help.


You will be given a high level of support in order for you to leave your abusive relationship & ensure that you’re safe. Daily key-work support sessions enable you to access other longer term accommodation.


Download the Peer Support Group Poster


Download the Crash Pads Poster

We can help you through our Supported Accommodation

  • Helping you to claim correct benefits

  • Helping you to register with a GP

  • Helping you to settle into your new home

  • Emotional and practical support

  • Referrals to other support agencies

  • Budgeting

  • Holding regular re-housing meetings and putting in applications for permanent housing

  • Helping you become tenancy ready

In partnership with Riverside ECHG, providing property and housing management support. We also manage a range of temporary supported accommodation within the Bradford Area. You will have your own accommodation in the community with support provided by our experienced and dedicated staff.

You will have a dedicated key-worker who will meet with you twice a week to support you in your accommodation and help you draw up a support plan. Your key worker will support you for up to 12 months and during your stay we can help you with these issues.

If you would like supported accommodation please contact us on:
0300 303 0167

The Men Standing Up Helpline


MSU Helpline

We offer a confidential, free to use telephone helpline. All our staff are trained professionals who have experience of working with men who have suffered domestic abuse. We can offer you emotional support, information and guidance.

We also understand that this might be the first time you’ve had the opportunity to discuss your issues with another person.

If you are a victim of domestic abuse or violence, you are not alone!
No matter what your background, age, job, race, or sexuality, we are here to HELP and give all the support we can.

Call the MSU helpline for support

0300 303 0167

Emotional Support

  • Someone to talk to confidentially, who understands your issues.

  • Can offer support to increase your confidence and make a change to your life.

  • Helping you to realise that you are not to blame for your situation

  • Offer you a confidential face to face meeting in our offices

Information and Guidance

  • How you can access housing and help you to make applications

  • How to report incidents to the police

  • Who to approach for legal help

  • Local services and support groups

  • Support to help you to stay safe

  • Signposting to specialist services

If it's just information you need or emotional support,
please call us today on 0300 303 0167


Or leave a message with our support staff