Toy Appeal For Childrens Hospital In Ghana

16 March 2015

October 2010

My name is Ania Lamptey, I am a locum worker for Bradford Cyrenians who are supporting my efforts to gather toys for sick children in Ghana.

I am helping my cousin Rita Kumi-Ampofo, who is from Ghana, to collect old toys/books for children in hospital in Ghana. During my cousins last visit in Ghana she needed to go to the childrens hospital with her own daughter and discovered that the ward was not child friendly and saw for herself the poor facilities there just simply added to her distress. There were long waiting times (with an average of four to six hours on each of the six occasions she attended the hospital). There was no dedicated area for the children to play, no toys or books to occupy the children and no comfortable space for the children to relax. The state of the childrens wing saddened her and actually brought her to tears on more than one occasion. Luckily her daughter recovered quickly and she returned home safe and well.

We hope that by providing toys and books for the hospital it will distract the children from the ordeal of visiting the hospital and make their stay more pleasant and comfortable. We would like to appeal for any unused/used and outgrown toys, books etc that you may be considering throwing away.

Every little helps so if you have something you wish to donate  please contact me on 07983996907 and I will arrange to collect from you.

Anything donated will be shipped to Ghana around the 26th of October 2010, so please donate by no later than 23rd of October.

Lets brighten up the childrens hospital in Ghana!

Thank You.
Ania Lamptey